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“Demonstrated to the youth in our school what it looks like to persevere”
- Peeples Elementary School (Fayette County, GA)

“Kept the group completely under his spell”

- Regional Library (Port Orange, FL)


In this multi-cultural audience engaging program, students learn about different types guitars, musical genres, and musical elements, as well as the vital role of the human nervous system as pertains to physical coordination—not to mention musical performance.

Determined to inspire young audiences to keep the faith and persevere in the face of opposition, the ‘musical mad-scientist’ demonstrates an eclectic range of genres including:  Flamenco, Classical, Metal, Fusion, etc.--making use of acoustic & electric guitars as well as creating multiple layers of sound spontaneously through the technology of a loop pedal.

"Very educational AND entertaining...Energetic and humorous"
- Trickum Middle School (Gwinnett County, GA)


1.    Students will understand the role of the human nervous system as pertains to physical coordination, namely, musical performance. 

2.    Students will be exposed to various musical styles and learn about the different types of guitars

3.    Students will learn and apply various musical elements such as rhythm, melody, harmony, tempo, song structure, etc.

"We are so blessed to have had you...Thank you for sharing your talent and your story with us."

- Spruill Oaks Library (Johns Creek, GA)

Curriculum Connections

Demonstrate understanding of the structure and the elements of music (such as rhythm pitch form, and harmony) in music selected for performance

SAP3 Students will assess the integration and coordination of body functions and their dependence on the endocrine and nervous systems to regulate physiological activities.
a.  Interpret interactions among hormones, senses, and nerves which make possible the coordination of functions of the body.

“He did a superb job relating to the students”
- Peeples Elementary School (Fayette County, GA)

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